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  • Qaaf Laam  Collective  (2019-ongoing)


  • Women Artists:  Navigating Everydayness in the Egyptian Contemporary Art Scene.  (2017)

Presented at the 5th visual methodlogies conference: Visualizing the City.
(Singapore institute of technologies SIT,2017) 

  • Women visual representations from canvas to the public sphere. (2017) 

Master’s thesis study (Faculty of app.arts/Helwan University) 2017

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A member of Qaaf-Laam Collective along with Nour El safoury, Mariz Kelada and Marwa Elsayed. We are a group of researchers, culture workers and artists that aim to critically open the discussions about work environment in art and culture. We collectively study and develop strategies and tools to a collective change in labor conditions in the cultural sector. During the 2020 lockdown, Qaaf Laam conducted a program on Radio al-Hara and reached out to wider audiences, art collectives and institutions in the Arab region. We covered variant topics such as labor solidarity, alternative strategies of  accountability and sustainability in  independent work environments, precarity such as freelancing and volunteering. This developed into audio group discussions on the theme of "working from home" which are available on Mada Masr website.

Qaaf-Laam has recently contributed in essay and a panel discussion ‘ Why do we form collectives?’ as part of  ‘Rooms: Notes on Collaboration’ edited by Mai El-Wakil, curated by Engy Mohsen and hosted at the CIC in 2021. 

A presentation and ongoing research studies women narratives of the everyday in Cairo. The research is an extension of  My MA thesis research on the visual representations of women in modern Egyptian art that engage with concepts such as Orientalism, voyeurism, nationalism,  beauty standards and advertisement. It combined a variety  of art mediums such as paintings, film posters, Magazine covers,  illustrated magazines, national TV animation films and video art.

The project took this question to investigate how three contemporary female artists narrate their experience in the city.


A thesis research that studies the visual representation of women in art . on a timeline it starts with orientalist representations of women in art in modern Egypt, By analysing and studing the works of Ingres and Delacroix. I track how the images of women were deployed and appropriated in different mediums such as painting, illustrated magazines, film posters, magazine covers, sculpture and video art that intervine with concepts such as nationalism, domesticity and public sphere.