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Hagar Ezzeldin

Visual Artist /Researcher

Hagar is a visual artist based in Cairo, who works between a multiplicity of art mediums. Currently she is a fellow artist for a one year artist grant at HBK Braunschweig, Germany. She wrote and exhibited her MFA on "Women Visual Representations in Modern Egyptian Art."She paid special attention to how women's everyday experiences are narrated and imagined through video art, paintings, magazine covers and illustrations. This research was developed at the 5th International Visual Methods conference: Visualizing the City at Singapore institute of technology ‘SIT’.

Her current art project engages the aesthetics of family and domesticity in 1980s Egypt.



•Advanced program ‘Innovation And Entrepreneurship In Creative Industries’,
KEMET Incubator Projects in Collaboration with Museum Of Fine Arts in Alexanderia, 2021. 

• Artists for Artists (AfA) Masterclass: The Institutional Collapse,2020

• Roznama Studios Art program, April- November, 2019

• MFA on “Orientalism, Representations of Women and Modern Egypt" Helwan University, Faculty of applied arts, 2017

• Fall semester course on "Anthropology and Art", American University in Cairo.

• B.A Helwan University, Faculty of applied arts,


• Artists For Artists (AFA) Open studios (13 Sep.-19 Sep. 2021)   

‘Why Do We Form Collectives?’ moderated by Qaaf-Laam Collective and included Gaaz collective and El Mos3askar musicians collective. The Panel is Part of ‘ Rooms: Notes on collaboration’ project and hosted by Contemporary image collective ‘CIC’ (June 2021) 

‘The Invisible Labor In Art’, hoseted by Medrar for contemporary art, Moderated by Nariman abou-el seoud. The panel included Roznama 8 participating artists Hagar Ezzeldin and Muhammed Salah and the Roznama 8 exhibition’s technical officer Mohamed Hamada.(April 2021)

• Tashweesh Festival, Goethe institut Cairo,2018



• Presented at The Fifth  international Visual Methods Conference at SIT "Singapore institute of Technology", Singapore, August 2017


• ‘A File that has nowhere to end’, Text, 2023.

‘The Book Of Invisible Labour’, artist’s book (self published), 2021

• Included in Emergency index Vol.9. (Ugly Duckling presse/ New York) Edited by Zoe Guttenplan. 2020

• Co-edited Roznama 7 Studio program publication “El Masaleh betitsaleh” with Nour El-Safoury and Marwa El-Sayed. 2019 

Media /Reviews


•The Egyptian Gazette:  ‘Middle-Class homes reimagined in new fair, Alaa Kouddos Allah,June 2022, Egypt.

•Mada Masr:
Roznama 8: Art At The End Of The World’, Ismail Fayed,2021.


  • Independent Arabia: ٣فنانات يستحضرن وجوها مصرية نسوية بفن الكولاج، ياسر سلطان، يوليو ٢٠٢٢
  • Al Araby: استحضار الغياب..خيالات في آلبوم اللاوعي واستعادة لدرية شفيق
  • Mada Masr: أنماط مختلفة من التذكر في «استحضار الغياب», حسين الحاج، يوليو ٢٠٢٢
  • Ashraq Al-awsat : استحضار الغياب، في القاهرة يستعيد مقتطفات من جماليات الماضي، نادية عبدالحليم، يونيو ٢٠٢٢

  • Collective Work

    A Member of Qaaf-Laam Collective since 2019. A group which work to open discussions and critical studies around arts and the cultural work in Egypt. 

    Qaaf Laam contributed to and designed a set of activities and projects during the last couple of years such as:

    ‘Why Do We Form Collectives?’, a writing essay and discussion roundtable moderated by QL collective and hosted at CIC, Cairo as part of ‘Co-Rooms: Notes on Collaboratation’ Curated by
    Engy Mohsen and edited by Mai El Wakil. 2021

    • A workshop "Work Tool Box" at Medrar for contemporary arts (Cairo). 2020

    • Conducting an online Radio program on Radio Al Hara, 2020.

    • A Recorded group discussion on the theme of "Working from Home", published by Mada Masr website, 2020

    • Qaaf-Laam was invited by "Chat rooms" group to an open discussion that was hosted by "Artist at Work" Exhibition through Khalil El Sakakini website (Ramallah/ Palestine). 2020


    •Braunschweig Projects artist grant 2022-2023,
    HBK Braunschweig, Germany.

    Selected Exhibitions & public events

    • Kunstverein Braunschweig Annual Editions 2023/2024. Germany.

    ‘Cleaving the wind into fragments’,HBK Braunschweig (9-23 Feb. 2023). Germany.

    •‘Retrieving Silence’, Contemporary Image Collective (CIC),Curated by Andrea Thal and Ahmed Refaat. (May 2022-July 2022).Egypt.

    • Roznama 8 Competition and Exhibition,2021. Egypt.

    • Domestic fatasies(1), Performance workshop output supervised by artist Mohamed Abdelkarim, Museum of fine arts, Alexanderia 2019. Egypt.

    • Roznama 7 Studio program. Medrar for contemporary art, Cairo 2019.Egypt.

    • Tashweesh festival, Goethe institut Cairo, 2018. Egypt.

    • Dai Festival, Cairo,2018.Egypt.

    • Thesis Exhibition "Women visual representations from canvas to the public space"  Faculty of applied arts, 2017

    • Mohamed Abla Award for Painting Exhibition, Greek Campus AUC, Cairo, 2016. Egypt.

    • The 25th Youth Salon,Cairo,2014

    • Book Art Project was Accepted at "To the way of the sun" intercontinental indigenous Biennale, Ecuador2014.

    Video Screenings

    •Videoart.ist video art festival and traveling biennial "The silk road" program, Turkey, 2017.

    •Bibliotheca Alexandrina,2014.

    •Le rencontres de l'image film festival, French cultural institute,2013.

    •Townhouse Rawabet Theatre 2012.