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Hagar Ezzeldin
Visual Artist, Cairo

هاجر عزالدين 
فنانة بصرية، القاهرة 

‘’Hagar Ezzeldin's practice is based on a critical examination of history, narrative and domesticity. The Cairo-based artist works with diverse materials and media, such as performance, painting, drawings, installations and film, and deals with the representation, images and experiences of women, which are woven within social structures. Her work deals with the politics of representation and the duality of public and private space in a very honest, poetic and at the same time critical way’’ 

(Haris Giannouras - Museum Abteiberg Mönchengladbach) 2022/2023


  • The 44th General Exhibition (2024), Cairo. Egypt.
  • Annual Editions [2023-2024], Kunstverein Braunschweig, Germany.
  • ‘A file that has nowhere to go’ . Text, published online and archived by HBK Braunschweig Library. [ April 2023]
  • Cleaving the wind into fragments’ Exhibtion, Montagehalle-HBK Braunschweig. [ 9-23 Feb. 2023]
  • Fellow Artist, Braunschweig Projects grant, HBK Braunschweig, Germany [2022-2023].
  • ‘RETRIEVING SILENCE’ exhibition at Contemporary Image Collecitive ( CIC), Cairo [May-July 2022]

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  Hagar Ezzeldin 


Hagar is a visual artist based in Cairo, who works between a multiplicity of art mediums. Currently she is a fellow artist for a one year artist grant at HBK Braunschweig, Germany. She wrote and exhibited her MFA  on " Orientalism and Women Visual Representations in Modern Egyptian Art." She paid special attention to how women's everyday experiences are narrated and imagined through video art, paintings, magazine covers and illustrations. This research was developed at the 5th International Visual Methods conference: Visualizing the City at Singapore Institute Of Technology ‘SIT’.

Her current art project engages the aesthetics of family and domesticity in 1980s Egypt. The project has been exhibited at HBK Braunschweig (2023), Kunstverein Braunschweig annual editions exhibition 2023/2024, CIC contemporary Image collective (2022), and was featured in 'Emergency index Vol.9.' (Ugly Duckling presse/ New York) (2020). It also received media coverage in The Egyptian TV and Radio station ‘Maspero’, The Egyptian Gazette, Independent Arabia, Mada Masr, Al Araby, Al Sharq Al-Aawsat, and Medrar TV.

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